West LA DevOps #4: Industry Updates & HashiCorp Talks About Service Meshes

Last night Brian Tai and I had the pleasure of hosting HashiCorp at our 4th installment of West LA DevOps hosted at GumGum HQ. We had two speakers from HashiCorp, including our first female speaker Jasmine Dahilig (Software Engineer)! Jasmine’s talk was entitled “Dancing with Data and Distributed Systems” and Jake Lundberg (Staff Solutions Engineer) also spoke about creating service meshes using Consul.

We also had our 3rd “Industry Updates” segment where we provided a concise overview of some of the major happenings in DevOps and software in general. Check out our slides below for our most recent updates!

Industry Updates slides

You can view our WLAD #4 Meetup slides, starting with our Industry Updates segment here.

Meetup recording

To watch our Industry Updates, as well as Jasmine & Jakes’ talks, checkout our recording on Vimeo.

Check out the official event on Meetup

Written on October 25, 2019