DevOps Industry Updates #26

Depending where in the world you might be, a return to the office might be right around the corner. Here in Southern California, tech companies are welcoming employees back Labor Day or sooner, which means I have about 3 months to figure out how to fit back into my signature Levi chinos. Do they make shoehorns for pants? I’m starting to sound like my Product team!

🔥 Top Cream

This issue’s top 5 stories:

  1. Architecting Kubernetes clusters: choosing the best autoscaling strategy
  2. How Netflix uses eBPF flow logs at scale for network insight
  3. New container feature: Volatile overlay mounts
  4. 12 Common Misconceptions about AWS DynamoDB
  5. Kubernetes and the challenges of continuous software delivery

🌎 Society

📟 DevOps

  • The Mysterious Gotcha of gRPC Stream Performance: “recently, we spent longer than planned trying to work out why the performance of a gRPC streaming server was worse than expected. So we rolled up our sleeves and went sleuthing in-house.”

  • How To Write Ansible Playbooks: this series will walk you through some of Ansible’s main features which you can use to write playbooks for server automation. At the end, you’ll create a playbook to automate setting up a remote Nginx web server and deploy a static HTML website to it.

🛠️ DevOps Tools

☸️ Kubernetes

🔐 Security

  • M1RACLES: a covert channel vulnerability in the Apple Silicon “M1” chip.

💻 Programming

  • In praise of --dry-run: something I always want to see in a tool which does anything non-trivial is a --dry-run mode. To be able to know what you’re about to do, before you do it, is a great and wondrous thing, helpful to the novice and the experienced user alike.

  • PostgreSQL EXPLAIN Output Explained: EXPLAIN ANALYZE is the key to optimizing SQL statements in PostgreSQL. This article does not attempt to explain everything there is to it. Rather, it will provide a brief introduction, explain what to look for and show you some helpful tools to visualize the output.

🐧 Linux

🔩 Hardware

🚢 Leadership


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Written on June 7, 2021