DevOps Industry Updates #23

It has already been three weeks since the last issue and a lot has happened! Good news for you, I have been tuned in and I’ve curated the greatest hits into this, issue #23 of DevOps Industry Updates. Get ready to groove, this one’s got bop after bop:

🔥 Top Cream

This issue’s top 4 stories:

  1. Terraform 0.15 General Availability
  2. Docker without Docker
  3. Our Journey Towards Cloud Efficiency
  4. A Kubernetes Service Mesh Comparison

🌎 Society

📟 DevOps

  • Terraform 0.15 General Availability: this release marks the beginning of the pre-release period leading up to Terraform 1.0. Terraform 0.15 includes a number of improvements that solidify Terraform workflows and ensure the stability of Terraform’s feature set for the long term.

🛠️ DevOps Tools

  • kubectl cost: monitor Kubernetes spend from the command line.

☸️ Kubernetes

🔐 Security

💻 Programming

  • Gradle 7.0 Release Notes: this release enables file system watching by default to make your incremental builds faster, expands support for building projects with Java 16, and adds support for building on Macs using Apple Silicon processors (such as M1).

  • You can’t afford to run Java 8: TL;DR: switching just a runtime to the newer version should result in reduced startup time, better garbage collection & higher performance.

🐧 Linux

  • FTP is 50 years old: the 16th of April 1971 is not only the date when the Rolling Stone first released Brown Sugar, it is also marked with the publication of RFC 114 marking the birthday of FTP.

  • 6 tcpdump network traffic filter options: the first six of eighteen common tcpdump options that you should use for network troubleshooting and analysis.

🚢 Leadership

☁️ Cloud

  • Our Journey Towards Cloud Efficiency: AirBnB describes how the business value of the cloud can quickly be offset by ballooning costs, unless the organizational capability to efficiently use these resources is developed.


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Written on April 22, 2021