DevOps Industry Updates #22

Welcome back! The world echoed a sigh of relief this week as the Suez Canal was finally unblocked, which I can only imagine feels like purging a thousand message queues at once. With that crisis over, we move on to the next - whether it be upgrading to Kubernetes 1.21 (yay pod affinities) or patching your git packages against remote code execution. We have those worries and more - it’s all right here in DevOps Industry Updates #22:

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This issue’s top 5 stories:

  1. What’s new in Kubernetes 1.21?
  2. Balancing act: the current limits of AWS network load balancers
  3. Introducing Amazon S3 Object Lambda
  4. The actual OSI model
  5. REST vs. GraphQL vs. gRPC

🌎 Society

📟 DevOps

  • Migrating Millions of Concurrent Websockets to Envoy: for much of Slack’s history, we’ve used HAProxy as a load balancer for all incoming traffic. Today, we’ll talk about problems we faced with HAProxy, how we solved them with Envoy Proxy, the steps involved in the migration, and what the outcome was.

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🐧 Linux

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☁️ Cloud

  • How Amazon’s S3 jumpstarted the cloud revolution: Amazon’s first real web service brought us everything from Pinterest to coronavirus vaccines. Fifteen years later, insiders tell Protocol how it grew to store more than 100 trillion objects.

  • REST vs. GraphQL vs. gRPC: REST, GraphQL, and gRPC are 3 popular forms of client-server and server-to-server communication. Choosing can be difficult, and this concise guide can help.


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Written on April 1, 2021