DevOps Industry Updates #18

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in DevOps Land! Elastic announced that Elasticsearch and Kibana will be dropping the Apache v2 license, HashiCorp unveiled CDK for Terraform 0.1 (which adds Java and C# support) and LinkedIn showed us just how insane their developer tool metrics are. Great news for you: it’s all right here in issue #18 of DevOps Industry Updates:

🔥 Top Cream

This issue’s top 4 stories:

  1. What I’ve Learned in 45 Years in the Software Industry
  2. Maximizing Developer Effectiveness
  3. How LinkedIn turned to real-time feedback for developer tooling
  4. Elasticsearch and Kibana are now business risks

🌎 Society

📟 DevOps

  • How LinkedIn turned to real-time feedback for developer tooling: over the last year, LinkedIn has been using real-time feedback to evolve their tooling and provide a more productive experience for their developers. It’s helped them double feedback participation, and more importantly, better tailor their recommendations and tooling improvements.

  • Announcing CDK for Terraform 0.1: CDK for Terraform now supports Java and C# and has new collaboration features on Terraform Cloud.

  • Elasticsearch and Kibana are now business risks: Elastic announced that they are changing the license of both Elasticsearch and Kibana from the open source Apache v2 license to the much more restrictive Server Side Public License.

  • Awesome limits: everything has limits, including software systems. When you hit these limits, bad things can happen.

🛠️ DevOps Tools

  • gping: ping, but with a graph.

  • lyft/clutch: an extensible platform for infrastructure management, Clutch provides everything you need to simplify operations and in turn improve your developer experience and operational capabilities

☸️ Kubernetes

🔐 Security

  • The Great iPwn: journalists hacked with suspected NSO group iMessage ‘Zero-Click’ exploit

💻 Programming

🐧 Linux

🔩 Hardware

🚢 Leadership

☁️ Cloud

  • A Distributed Systems Reading List: “I often argue that the toughest thing about distributed systems is changing the way you think. The below is a collection of material I’ve found useful for motivating these changes.” Enough said!

  • JuiceFS: a distributed POSIX file system built on top of Redis and S3

  • Are B2B cloud service agreements safe?: “you don’t have to be a “bad guy” to occasionally run afoul of the policies. But if your business is permanently unwilling or unable to comply with a particular provider’s policies, you cannot use that provider.”


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Written on January 21, 2021